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What is CMS ?

CMS is a Content Management System. Means a website where you can edit you content, images and videos. there many open source CMS is in the market like wordpress, joomla etc.

      I am a CMS Developer if you want know more about CMS (website) feel free to contact me
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Working on Java and PHP

I am a customized application developer. Working on following technologies.

Design:  Html, Css, Bootstraps, Responsive,  Java Script, JQuery Nodejs.
Language: PHP, Java, and
Data Base: MySql, Oracle and Sql Server.
Framework: Laravel, CI, Spring and Hibernate

We also redesign existing website for more detail
Call: +91-7317838751 or Mail: Skype: etechnomate

Customized Billing and Invoicing Software

Billing And Accounting Software I Developed Billing and Invoicing Software for Retailers and Wholesalers. This software is very user friendly. you can easily create ESTIMATE, DAYBOOK, BILL & INVOICE, INVENTORY, and ACCOUNTING. If You are looking for Billing software ? This software is best for you. If you want any modification according to your need we are ready to do this.   CALL on +91-7317838751, Mail:,